Welcome to Richmond Veterinary House Call Services!

Advanced veterinary care for the pets of Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, Richmond Hill, and Holland Landing.

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Welcome to

Richmond Veterinary House Call Services.

Advanced veterinary care for the pets of Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, Richmond Hill, and Holland Landing.

Welcome to Richmond Veterinary House Call Services.

We are located in Richmond Hill, and proudly serving the communities of Richmond Hill, Aurora, Stouffville, Newmarket, Maple, Woodbridge, Thornhill, Markham. Our patients are companion animals, such as dogs and cats. Our veterinarian offer a wide variety of high quality veterinary services at affordable prices.

Why use a House Call service?

If you are busy, or it is difficult to take your pet to clinic, in-home veterinary care is a good choice for you. Cats get variable degrees of stress and discomfort when visiting animal clinics. Many pet owners prefer vaccinating their animals at home to in clinic to avoid the risk of infection resulting from coming in contact with other animals. People who have more than one pet usually consider a house call veterinarian for vaccination and wellness programs. Convenient hours and service for busy professionals, elderly or disabled clients.
Why use our House Call Veterinary Services?
Working for many years in emergency hospitals and intensive care units handling most critical cases. We are proud to provide in-home a quality veterinary care for your pets. In-home vet care and follow-ups for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney & hepatic diseases, etc. In addition, we offer a wide variety of pet services and programs such as routine vaccine shots, medical examination, flexible morning, evening and weekend appointments, microchipping, nail clipping, flea prevention and control, minor surgeries, wound repair, in-home peaceful euthanasia, deworming, annual checkups, laboratory analysis, wellness and geriatric programs. For other services like spay, neuter, declaw, x-ray, hospitalization and other major surgeries if we see during visit that your pet need one of these services, we can transport your pet to our pet clinic, Brooker Ridge Animal hospital or refer you to one of our affiliated animal hospitals. Transportation to and from accredited animal clinics is available when needed. For more details, please see Our Services
Vaccinations- Maintaining a regular vaccination program is important to keep your pets and your family safe and healthy. There are many diseases that can spread even to indoor animals who are unvaccinated. Call us and speak to our veterinaian to discuss the recommended annual vaccines for your pet.
Euthanasia & Aftercare – We provide compassionate peaceful end-of-life services for your beloved animal companion, dog euthanasia, cat euthanasia, including putting down to sleep and after care, a reputable pet cremation service provides the return of pet’s remains.
Wellness- Our wellness programs are designed to help your pet through the different stages of their life. Our vet will help you understand what specific needs your pet may need at this age/condition.
Deworming- Deworming treats and protects pets from Intestinal parasites which are harmful particularly to puppies and kittens and can cause diarrhea, dehydration and weight loss. It is usually done during vaccine appointment.
Fleas & Ticks Control- Preventing and control a flea infestation has never been easier or safer. There are many treatment programs available. Unfortunately there are many over the counter products in stores that are neither safe nor effective. Fleas can cause anemia, allergy, and transmit some diseases. If you see any flea or tick on your pet call us at 647-873-3194 to arrange an appointment with our vet in Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket area
Spay and Neuter- Important, not only to help control the pet population, but for the health and safety of your pet as well. Surgeries are done in well known veterinary clinic, Brooker Ridge Animal Hospital.
Richmond Veterinary House Call Services offers wide variety of veterinary services for your pet’s health and medical care. We strive to provide courteous and compassionate care for our clients and their pets. Your new puppy or kitten is always welcome. Arrange a consultation with our vet to discuss things such as annual vaccinations, heartworm testing, spay/neutering, and other important information for any pet owner. We have preventative programs that protect your loved ones from fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites, and common infectious disease.
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