Dr. Zak Saleh, DVM, MVSc, PhD, brings a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in veterinary medicine to our practice. He graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Zagazig University in 1989 and furthered his education at the same institution, earning his MVSc and Doctorate degrees. Serving as our hospital veterinarian and director of both our Newmarket vet clinic and House Call Veterinary Services in Richmond Hill, Dr. Zak has become an integral part of our team.

Throughout his career, Dr. Zak has shared his expertise with numerous pet hospitals across Ontario. His tenure in emergency veterinary hospitals has provided him with opportunities to handle a diverse range of critical cases, saving numerous animal lives along the way. He values the daily interactions with colleagues, clients, and patients, nurturing strong and successful relationships.

Driven by a passion for delivering top-notch care, Dr. Zak has conducted numerous critical emergency surgeries on companion animals, always prioritizing their well-being. His dedication to every pet that crosses our threshold is unmistakable, treating them with the same level of compassion as if they were his own.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Dr. Zak indulges in various hobbies, yet he finds genuine fulfillment in treating and healing patients, alongside spending quality time with his family. His professional interests encompass soft tissue emergency surgery, internal medicine, and emergency and critical care.

Dr. Zak

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Dr. Zak Saleh