Dog Euthanasia | Cat Euthanasia

In-home pet euthanasia Service:
In your home dog euthanasia or cat euthanasia is preferred for pets who get stressed when visit animal clinic particularly on their last day. We arrange pet end of life procedure and put pets down to sleep when good and quality life cannot be maintained.
Our mobile veterinary Services do peaceful pet euthanasia either in-home or outside in the backyard if possible when needed. We explain the procedure and answer all your questions about pet’s conditions.
In-home euthanasia procedure:
• The veterinarian in Richmond Hill, Dr. Zak Saleh will examine your dog or cat and answer any questions about pet’s health condition and quality of life. you may choose to be present during euthanasia or not
• You will be asked to sign the permission to perform humane euthanasia
• A sedative will be injected your animal to reduce your pet anxiety and be ready prior to the euthanasia procedure
• A licensed euthanasia agent will be injected intravenous to your pet
Cremation and Aftercare:
After a pet euthanasia, you may choose one of the three options for disposition of your pet remains
• We transport your pet remains for private cremation (Individual cremation) – Ashes will be returned usually take 7-10 days
• We transport your pet remains for communal cremation (group cremation) – Ashes will not be returned to you.
• You may also choose to taking care of your pets remains yourself for example Burial where it is legal (no cremation)

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